PET/Soft Drop Systems




  • Constant height produces “soft” drop during container loading
  • Automatic repositioning to empty container
  • Fills containers to presettable number of machine cycles
  • Designed for maximum product containment
  • High volume transfer capability
  • Fully programmable PLC controller
  • Variable conveyor speed 0-60 ft/min.
  • Stainless steel side rails and product inception hopper
  • Heavy duty PVC belt with positive “V” guide tracking
  • Designed for continuous duty 24/7
  • Prewired – ready to plug in 115VAC/10 amp input
  • 60PSI plant air
 Click on photo for specs
SOFT-TEC VideoTo see our SOFT-TEC Preform Damage Protection system in action click here(7 MB .WMV video).To download a large version of this video, click here (10 MB .WMV video). To save video to harddrive for viewing, right click on either link.

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