Classic Series

Classic Steel Conveyors




 TEC’s Classic steel conveyors consist of the following construction:

  • Heavy duty 11 ga. CRS frame construction.
  • Rigid one-piece frame and slider bed.
  • “V” guide belt-tracking system to ensure proper belt alignment.
  • Sturdy tapered and grooved steel rollers designed for maximum traction.
  • Long life self-aligning bearings.
  • 4 in. high removable side rails overlapping belt 1in. on each side to prevent part damage.
  • 115VAC / 230VAC, 1 phase, 60 Hz motor sized for application.
  • Right angle gear reducer with 56-C face mounting to motor, 60:1 ratio for 20ft / min. belt speed. (other speeds available)
  • Manual motor starter with overload protection.
  • Black or White Interwoven PVC laced belting (Please specify color)
  • 1 in. high belt cleats on 18 in centers (std on Incline and Hor to Incl)
  • Sturdy adjustable leg sets.
  • Infeed hopper
  • Conveyor set on 3in. dial. Locking swivel casters
  • 8 ft long power cord.
  • Optional equipment includes: Variable Speed Drive, Indexing, Reversing, E-Stop, custom rails, leg heights, different belt types, cleat sizes and many more. Please consult factory for your specific requirements.

Custom conveyors

TEC can manufacture conveyors to your exact specifications. We can design or modify any conveyor to fit your application. Please contact the factory for assistance on special applications



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