Over / Under

Over/Under Box Filling System

 By Weight or by Cycle Count

Click for videos 1) Over Under Box Fill 2) Box Fill

  Over/Under MachineAn operator places the empty boxes on the TEC belt conveyor (upper level). The conveyor starts, shifting the first box in the queue onto the elevator platform. The elevator descends to the lower level where a pneumatic arm engages and retracts, shifting the empty box to the filling position. A photo-eye signals the parts-feed device (can be a conveyor or a chute) to commence filling. During the filling sequence the elevator platform will retrieve the next empty box in the queue. Once the box is filled, the parts-feed device stops. The pneumatic arm engages and retracts, shifting the empty box onto the filling platform, displacing the filled box onto a gravity roller conveyor. The box filling sequence continues until there are no more boxes left in the empty box queue. At this time, an audible alarm will engage.
 Customer Requirements:
1. Supply the box/tote size
2. Number of boxes/totes to be filled
3. Specify if filled by cycle count or weight
4. How box is to be filled (parts feed conveyor, robot or chute)Please consult factory for additional information. 


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